Nutrition coaching that works.

Nutrition programs that change your life - from the inside out.

Meet - 

our tribe,

our community,

our courageous fighters - 

who are brave enough to take on challenges,

patient enough to learn the lessons, 

strong enough to experience the fails. 

They take a stand for their health - knowing it isn't a quick-fix or a cute fad. 

They know it won't be easy - but surely it will be worth it. 

Meet our mindful ninjas!

"Mastering Mindfulness is the game changer 

I’ve been searching for.  Her extensive 

knowledge and thoughtful delivery have 

allowed me to look at my struggles with food, health (mental and physical), and habits and take backcontrol over my life.  
The book, teachings, and consistent resources  have become an essential part of my journey. I'm beyond thankful for the support and 

guidance the program provides!" 

- Mandy

"For real, it's changed my whole life. I have felt so defeated for YEARS because I can't seem to get a handle on my body and I'm finally starting to understand why. I am actually excited about fitness instead of feeling like I'm punishing myself.   ​

Reading about how our body tries to re-regulate itself to that original weight changed everything for me. In January I did great on a 3 week challenge and then I no shit gained 30 lbs back when it was over. I've done that 10 times. I'm learning that it has very little to do with willpower and a lot more to do with a combo of science and what I've accepted as truth - none of it was truth at all. I have one friend eating boiled chicken and plain broccoli everyday, starved, angry and dark-featured, like she looks sick. I don't want to give up good foods I want to finally get in control of them. I am realizing 2 things you've taught me :

• I can eat anything I want as long as I am paying attention and I am taking the lead on it so I don't go overboard. 

• I don't HAVE to eat the same shitty food or force myself into the same shitty exercise routine. I can find things I like and say NO to things I don't. It's not prison. ​

It's been so hard. But I'm so thankful for the process. We kid ourselves into thinking we have a handle on it but our bodies are telling the real story. I had to go a million miles deeper than "join this one challenge and you'll be different." I want my whole life to be different, not 3 weeks of another fake fix. I had to do some serious soul searching about things I was taught as a little girl and young woman. Thank you." 

- Emily

"The Mastering Mindfulness program has been a great way to get a deeper understanding of how I self sabotage my goal of eating healthier and losing weight. You also showed me a better way to make progress towards eating healthier which will let me lose weight. I think it will fit into my goal of becoming healthier mentally as well."

Stan Mardeusz

"Are you always hungry?  Do you find yourself eating even if you’re not hungry?  Does the urge for chocolate dominate every waking moment?  Whether these are your issues, or you have others, I highly recommend Gina's program.

She has a way of making healthy eating easy.  With small little changes, I went from starving all of the time, to being happy and satisfied with my meals and snacks.  I’m eating foods I love as well as eating foods I’d never tried before.  We all know food isn’t always about being hungry and now I notice my triggers and am able to cope with stress eating before binging. Chocolate is just an occasional treat and not the daily focus. 

With Gina’s guidance, I’ve learned to spend less time guessing at what was a healthy meal and am preparing and eating healthier, satisfying foods much faster."

- Sher W.

"My name is Al, I am 47 years old, my doctor told me that if I didn’t change what I was eating, eventually I would be a diabetic.  The doctor said if I changed my eating habits and exercised I could change my diabetic future without any medication. 

I heard Gina  on the radio talking about how she helps people understand how to eat properly.  Fearing diabetes, I called Gina immediately and started the program.

Gina was able to explain why certain foods I was eating made my sugar spike high, then spike low.  Gina made recommendations that would keep me from eating poorly and keep my sugar from spiking.  I changed the foods I was eating and noticed the difference on the first day.  I immediately noticed my sugar didn’t spike.  After a few days, I noticed my pants were not as tight around my waist. 

Just by adjusting my eating habits I started losing weight.  I think the quickest thing I noticed, after I applied Gina’s recommendations, I was not starving and I didn’t feel the drop in energy (sugar spike) from lack of food. 

I am very thankful to Gina.  She made things easy to understand and the results are self-evident.  I am very happy and thankful! "

- Albert G.

"It was official in April 2015; I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and placed on oral medication. Currently at 59 ½ years old and being overweight all my life, my health was steadily declining.  I have been unsuccessful with the multitude of ‘diets’ and diet pills over the years. I never knew much about registered dietitians and decided ‘what do I have to lose’…I did my research and decided on Gina Worful, Registered Dietitian.

Gina Worful encourages lifestyle changes, healthful eating, nutrition, meal planning, exercise and much more.  Without giving up on the foods I love to eat, I have learned how to find food swaps that would cut back on the calories.  I eat whole grains which are high in fiber and keep me fuller longer. 

As of June 2015, I have lost 34 pounds, over 24 inches, my blood pressure has lowered significantly, my AlC level dropped from 7.5 to 6.1 (medication reduced by ½ and possibly no longer  needed by next month). I am staying full throughout the day, sleeping better at night and my mobility is so much better.

I did gain a fantastic dietitian, Gina Worful, who has provided me with healthful tools for a successful lifestyle change. Thank you Gina for restoring my hope, health & happiness."

- Renata G.


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