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I love your book! It's like you wrote it just for me. Thank you for sharing your journey as well; we are all in this together.  - Cathy

I started working through this book. It's been such a shitty few years and I've had every excuse there could be. I bought it and it made its way to my shelf until I recently had another brilliant fitness and health plan that failed again. You're railing me with your words and your work. For real, it's changing my whole life with your book... I have felt so defeated for YEARS because I can't seem to get a handle on my body and I'm finally starting to understand why. I am actually excited about fitness instead of feeling like I'm punishing myself.   

Reading about how our body tries to re-regulate itself to that original weight changed everything for me. In January I did great on a 3 week challenge and then I no shit gained 30 lbs back when it was over. I've done that 10 times. I'm learning that it has very little to do with willpower and a lot more to do with a combo of science and what I've accepted as truth - none of it was truth at all. I have one friend eating boiled chicken and plain broccoli everyday, starved, angry and dark-featured, like she looks sick. I don't want to give up good foods I want to finally get in control of them. I am realizing 2 things you've taught me :

• I can eat anything I want as long as I am paying attention and I am taking the lead on it so I don't go overboard. 

• I don't HAVE to eat the same shitty food or force myself into the same shitty exercise routine. I can find things I like and say NO to things I don't. It's not prison. 

It's been so hard. But I'm so thankful for the process. We kid ourselves into thinking we have a handle on it but our bodies are telling the real story. I had to go a million miles deeper than "join this one challenge and you'll be different." I want my whole life to be different, not 3 weeks of another fake fix. I had to do some serious soul searching about things I was taught as a little girl and young woman. Thank you for writing this.  - Emily

I have been reading your book and I am trying to work on a couple mindful things from my childhood! I remember hearing my parents tell me to eat everything on my plate because, "There are starving kids in this country so you better eat everything!"

 I am struggling with it to this day because I catch myself saying the same thing! How can I throw away what I don't eat when I paid for it? No sugar coating is a challenge and not always doing so good. I push the plate away when I feel I had enough but when we get up away from the table, I catch my self shoving a little more into my mouth before I take it to the garbage. I see what I am doing and working on it!  - Jackie 

This book was extremely helpful throughout this journey and lifestyle change. It is filled with so many helpful tips and facts that I would not have found elsewhere. The inspirational quotes kept me going when at times I felt like giving up. Through reading this book, I learned how to become mindful of what I am eating and tasks I am doing while eating. I also learned how to be positive through self-talk and other methods. As well as how to achieve/ master mindfulness overall. Gina B opened my eyes and forced me to question some of my family traditions based on the questions listed on pages 39 and 40.

I think this book has been extremely helpful in my quest to be happy and have a lifelong journey of health. It has become my go-to and a great resource to reference when it became difficult at times. I felt like I have been more in control of living a healthier lifestyle. - Eastern Michigan University Student

To be completely honest, before reading the introduction to Mastering Mindfulness, I was a little skeptical about how just changing your mindset could create a healthy lifestyle. However, after reading the first twenty-five pages, I am even more excited to begin my journey in creating a healthier lifestyle for myself. I now know that the first step in this process is to master my mind as well as listening to my body’s needs.  - Eastern Michigan University Student