Caught You Being Healthy

Rewarding people for making the world a healthier place! Look out for more people being caught! #CaughtYouBeingHealthy

Caught these two jogging on thanksgiving day! They had such a good pep in their step I'm sure they inspired people around to get some activity on the holiday. 

I often see this guy running through my neighborhood at 6am and he always inspires me to get out of bed early for a run. He always smiles and waves. Today he ran by and offered me a piece of dark chocolate so we both had a random act of kindness for each other.

Caught this guy Ted by himself practicing handstands for core strength and balance. Ted was also generous enough to pay it forward again to a man financially struggling to help him buy a healthy lunch today.

I was so inspired by this man. Regardless of his living situation on the street he was still doing lunges outside his space in downtown San Diego.  He deserved to be Caught Being Healthy and so I rewarded him with $20.