Mastering Mindfulness takes you on a journey toward self-discovery to breakthrough what is holding you back and bring you to exactly where you want to be. 

This program is perfect for you if you are seeking a deeper understanding of why you continuously sabotage your health goals, allow stress to take over your emotions, and are held back by your self-imposed limitations. 


A guided journal is included to clearly see why you struggle, with specific solutions so you know exactly what to do. Say, "good-bye" to generic diet plans and self-help programs. Reading this book will get you inspired to permanently change your life and empower you with the tools to do it. 


By the time you reach the end, you will have created your own customized plan to Mastering Mindfulness.

Soft Cover 172 pages

Real talk from 
the readers... 

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I love your book! It's like you wrote it just for me. Thank you for sharing your journey as well; we are all in this together.  - Cathy

I started working through this book. It's been such a shitty few years and I've had every excuse there could be. I bought it and it made its way to my shelf until I recently had another brilliant fitness and health plan that failed again. You're railing me with your words and your work. For real, it's changing my whole life with your book... I have felt so defeated for YEARS because I can't seem to get a handle on my body and I'm finally starting to understand why. I am actually excited about fitness instead of feeling like I'm punishing myself.   

Reading about how our body tries to re-regulate itself to that original weight changed everything for me. In January I did great on a 3 week challenge and then I no shit gained 30 lbs back when it was over. I've done that 10 times. I'm learning that it has very little to do with willpower and a lot more to do with a combo of science and what I've accepted as truth - none of it was truth at all. I have one friend eating boiled chicken and plain broccoli everyday, starved, angry and dark-featured, like she looks sick. I don't want to give up good foods I want to finally get in control of them. I am realizing 2 things you've taught me :

• I can eat anything I want as long as I am paying attention and I am taking the lead on it so I don't go overboard. 

• I don't HAVE to eat the same shitty food or force myself into the same shitty exercise routine. I can find things I like and say NO to things I don't. It's not prison. 

It's been so hard. But I'm so thankful for the process. We kid ourselves into thinking we have a handle on it but our bodies are telling the real story. I had to go a million miles deeper than "join this one challenge and you'll be different." I want my whole life to be different, not 3 weeks of another fake fix. I had to do some serious soul searching about things I was taught as a little girl and young woman. Thank you for writing this.  - Emily

I have been reading your book and I am trying to work on a couple mindful things from my childhood! I remember hearing my parents tell me to eat everything on my plate because, "There are starving kids in this country so you better eat everything!"

 I am struggling with it to this day because I catch myself saying the same thing! How can I throw away what I don't eat when I paid for it? No sugar coating is a challenge and not always doing so good. I push the plate away when I feel I had enough but when we get up away from the table, I catch my self shoving a little more into my mouth before I take it to the garbage. I see what I am doing and working on it!  - Jackie