Are you tired of feeling like your diet is a battle that you're losing? 

Introducing the Mastering Mindfulness program designed to give you everything you need to end diet sabotage.
Why the program was developed
When I became a dietitian, I was so excited to give my clients the perfect nutrition program. They left with a list of 'foods to eat' and 'foods to avoid' with a weekly meal plan and a few goals. But a week or two later they were back in my office confessing all the naughty ways they sabotaged their diet. We had a pep talk.. they were motivated again... and I sent them on their way with new goals. Sure enough, a week or two later they were back for confession. I struggled to answer the question, "Why can't my clients stay committed?"
I knew there had to be another way.
So, I dedicated my life work to understanding why the brain creates self sabotage. I spent years digging through research, mentoring with psychologists and behavior change experts, and other dietitians. I found that diet programs never worked long term because my clients were changing their diet rules, but not changing their beliefs and patterns. This incredible realization led to development the Mastering Mindfulness program. 
And BINGO - my clients had massive transformation.
This Program is For You If...
  • You're constantly starting and stopping your diet
  • You feel that cravings hit and you don't have control over your food 
  • You've learned about dieting but for some reason can't seem to get it right and finally lose the weight
  • You're ready for a mentor to guide you to a new way of living
This Program is NOT For You If...
  • You're looking for another quick-fix diet just hoping that one more will work this time
  • You're not willing to be open to self discovery
  • You don't need community or support and would rather do it on your own
Why Diets Alone Don't Work
​Diets can be a useful tool to learn about how to eat healthy but where they fail is changing our habits, patterns, and beliefs that have been engrained in our minds since.... probably childhood! 
If you were one of the kids who couldn't leave the dinner table until your plate was empty... you probably have a difficult time as an adult leaving food on your plate, even though you're full. 
And that's OK! No one has ever given you the skills to expand your mindset to get in control over your food to have lasting transformation. 
Mastering Mindfulness gives you the ability to change from the inside out. Once you get the proven skills, the transformation will last you a LIFETIME. 
> Get control over food and cravings
> Overcome self-sabotaging cycles
> Get personal mentorship from an expert
> Be a part of a community of people just like you
> Create empowerment that will last you the rest of your life

In the meantime, check out photos below from a live Mastering Mindfulness program!

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