Going out to eat can be tough! You are much more likely to eat a healthier meal if you cook at home but with proper planning you can still go out to eat and make healthier choices. Do a little menu research first online to see if nutrition information is available to compare options. Have a plan! Try ordering a regular meal and taking half home. Fill the rest of your plate with veggies, salads, or other healthy sides. 

Protein: choose lower fat options, such as chicken, turkey, or fish, that is broiled, grilled, or baked instead of fried. 

Breads: ask for a whole grain option, such as whole wheat bread, pasta, wraps, or brown rice. For a lower calorie option, have your sandwich open face on one slice of bread instead of two. 

Sauces: choose a light or lower calorie sauce or dressing such as mustard, salsa, or a light dressing. Ask for your dressing on the side to control how much you put on. Try dipping your fork in the dressing before each bite instead of dumping all the dressing on first. 

Salads: choose salads that are full of veggies. Adding fried foods, bacon, and cheese make high calorie salads and provide very little nutritional benefits.


Sides: try replacing a side of fries with a healthier option, such as a small salad, fruit, or cottage cheese. 

Many  restaurants have an online nutrition calculator to build your own meal and compare the nutrition information. This can be a very useful tool!

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