Lab Collection Process

Tips to Prepare
Intro to Your Test
Day 1 Collection
Day 2 Collection
Day 2 Shipping
  • Stop taking supplements 2+ days before the test

  • Women: don't collect on your menstrual cycle

  • Plan for shipping Mon - Fri

  • Get familiar with the test to plan properly

  • Requisition: date of collection, personal info, signature

  • Labels: date of birth and label requisition and all tubes

  • Shipping Materials: all included

  • Put freezer brick in freezer

  • Collect blood sample fasting first thing in the morning

  • Fill all circles

  • Lay out to dry for 24 hours

  • Collect urine in cup any time after midnight (if needed) plus first pee in the morning. If you only have to pee in the morning, the first morning void is all that is needed to collect.

  • Fill all test tubes using pipette

  • Freeze for at least 2 hours before shipping


After freezing urine for 2+ hours.... 

Include all in styrofoam container:

  • Freezer brick

  • Bag one blood spot

  • Bag two urine tubes

  • Test requisition 

  • All samples with labels filled out

  • Label on fedex bag & drop off at fedex

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me directly at or 248.238.9419