Are you tired of feeling like your diet is a battle that you're losing? 

Introducing the Mastering Mindfulness program designed to give you everything you need to end diet sabotage.
The Mastering Mindfulness Institute trains your brain how to get in control over cravings and stop self sabotage to put YOU back in control over your food and health. It's not about eating perfect, but instead empowering you in every choice you make so you can fall back in love with your food and the very skin you're in.
This Program is For You If...
  • You're constantly starting and stopping your diet
  • Cravings hit and you don't have control over your food 
  • You've learned about dieting but for some reason can't seem to get it right 
  • You're ready for a mentor to guide you to a new way of living
This Program is NOT For You If...
  • You're looking for another quick-fix diet just hoping that one more will work this time
  • You're not willing to be open to self discovery
  • You don't need community or support and would rather do it on your own
Core Benefits:
  • Get in control over food and cravings

  • Learn to trust and honor your body

  • Create a sustainably healthy life you love

What is Included:
> Online classroom to learn new skills each week
> Weekly group meetings under 10 people for intimate support
> Meal planning recipes & tools
> 1:1 consultations privately with Gina
When can I join?
Enrollment opens few times a year and then will close until the next cohort begins.
Currently we are accepting applications for the next start date of August 1, 2021

Note, submitting an application does not secure your spot in the program. When you submit an application, we will schedule a one on one discovery call to see if the program is the right fit for you.  We work closely together so it is of utmost importance to first make sure you're exactly in the right place. If not, I promise to point you in the right direct to what you really need most. 

Program Praise and Recognition

Mastering Mindfulness has been featured at national conferences, international societies, academic institutions, and world renowned health centers.

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Meet the Mindful Masters.

They are full of wisdom, experience, and feedback about the program.

- Terry

- Kathleen

"Mastering Mindfulness is the game changer 

I’ve been searching for.  Her extensive 

knowledge and thoughtful delivery have 

allowed me to look at my struggles with food, health (mental and physical), and habits and take back control over my life.  
The book, teachings, and consistent resources  have become an essential part of my journey. I'm beyond thankful for the support and 

guidance the program provides!" 

- Mandy 

- Leonita

"Are you always hungry?  Do you find yourself eating even if you’re not hungry?  Does the urge for chocolate dominate every waking moment?  Whether these are your issues, or you have others, I highly recommend Gina's program.

She has a way of making healthy eating easy.  With small little changes, I went from starving all of the time, to being happy and satisfied with my meals and snacks.  I’m eating foods I love as well as eating foods I’d never tried before.  We all know food isn’t always about being hungry and now I notice my triggers and am able to cope with stress eating before binging. Chocolate is just an occasional treat and not the daily focus. 

With Gina’s guidance, I’ve learned to spend less time guessing at what was a healthy meal and am preparing and eating healthier, satisfying foods much faster."

- Sher

- Cannon

"My name is Al, I am 47 years old, my doctor told me that if I didn’t change what I was eating, eventually I would be a diabetic.  The doctor said if I changed my eating habits and exercised I could change my diabetic future without any medication. 

I heard Gina  on the radio talking about how she helps people understand how to eat properly.  Fearing diabetes, I called Gina immediately and started the program.

Gina was able to explain why certain foods I was eating made my sugar spike high, then spike low.  Gina made recommendations that would keep me from eating poorly and keep my sugar from spiking.  I changed the foods I was eating and noticed the difference on the first day.  I immediately noticed my sugar didn’t spike.  After a few days, I noticed my pants were not as tight around my waist. 

Just by adjusting my eating habits I started losing weight.  I think the quickest thing I noticed, after I applied Gina’s recommendations, I was not starving and I didn’t feel the drop in energy (sugar spike) from lack of food. 

I am very thankful to Gina.  She made things easy to understand and the results are self-evident.  I am very happy and thankful! "

- Albert

- Ray

- Eean

Before starting the mastering mindfulness program with Gina, I had participated in countless weight loss programs.  I worked with personal trainers, nutritionists, and dietitians.  I tried weight watchers, my fitness pal, gym memberships, and even had consultations with bariatric surgery clinics and hospital guided medical weight loss programs.  Despite all of the nutrition information I was taught and all of the program options available to me, I couldn’t figure out how to successfully integrate that knowledge into my everyday living.  I wasn’t willing to have bariatric surgery or to live on weight loss shakes and/or pre-packaged chemical laden food through a hospital program.  Eventually I got sick of talking about food, exercise, and health in general.  I essentially gave up.

At some point, my hopelessness about my body and my health became overwhelming.  I reached out to Gina and was given the opportunity to join her mastering mindfulness group.  This group was different than anything I had participated in before.  There were tools and processes that we went through together as a group, but somehow, at the same time the experience was very individualized allowing each of us to address differing needs and/or issues.  Working with the group every week I was able to first recognize my basic needs as a human being.  We worked on things like sleep hygiene, hydration, routines, stress levels, self-talk, and environmental factors.   We integrated meditation and breathing along with access to plenty of resources.  I identified patterns and traumas from the past in relationship to food and body image issues.  I was able to purge a lot of negativity that had been plaguing my thoughts and self-worth for so long.  

With this program I haven’t agonized over a meal plan, food options, or portions.  I did, however, become keenly aware of my choices and the impact they may have on how I feel physically.  I’ve grown to look at everything as data that guides current and future decisions regarding my health journey.  I’ve given up the self-hate and punitive responses to moments of over-eating or eating something traditionally classified as “junk.”  I’ve learned to keep moving because even the littlest steps will help to create big change.  I still have a long journey ahead of me, but in just over one year in the program I’ve shed 39 pounds, developed coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety and stress that reduced reliance on medication, and realized there are basic things I can implement that have a positive effect on my energy, ability, and judgment.  

In closing, the best description I have of the mastering mindfulness program is that it has been a life lesson in holistic healing, self-love, and connectedness.

- Mandy 

The final chapter in my healing process is underway: Food and body.

I let myself stop worrying about this while I attended to more life threatening matters. Gained another 15 lbs on the 20 I'd gained the year before by moving in by myself and just having more trouble regulating while dealing with emotional challenges.

All told, I'm about 50 lbs over weight since I already had a little extra.

But it's not really about lbs. It's about experiences. It's about a life. It's having taken care of my emotions in ways I knew at the time. It's about understanding what I am creating for myself actively. It's about being present to a deeper creation and quieting the thoughts and mind enough to hear my body.

I've been able to model the actions of health successfully. I have lost as much as 60 lbs of fat in a year. I have gained as much as 30 lbs of muscle in a year. I have taken myself from sedentary to athletic. Athletic to injured. Active to indulgent. This time is different. It's not about the motions of health. It's about the genesis of health identity. It's about integrating my love for my friends and family and myself. It's about finding a way for the experience that is possible to call out and be louder than impulse.

If anyone is interested in talking to a nutrition coach that is about this work, Gina Worful is working with me and I am loving her approach.  Mindfulness based. Community based. Created for lasting results.

- Eean

Why the program was developed
When I became a dietitian, I was so excited to give my clients the perfect nutrition program. They left with a list of 'foods to eat' and 'foods to avoid' with a weekly meal plan and a few goals. But a week or two later they were back in my office confessing all the naughty ways they sabotaged their diet. We had a pep talk.. they were motivated again... and I sent them on their way with new goals. Sure enough, a week or two later they were back for confession. I struggled to answer the question, "Why can't my clients stay committed?"  I knew there had to be another way.
So, I dedicated my life work to understanding why the brain creates self sabotage. I spent years digging through research, mentoring with psychologists and behavior change experts, and other dietitians. I found that diet programs never worked long term because my clients were changing their diet rules, but not changing their beliefs and patterns. This incredible realization led to development the Mastering Mindfulness program. 
And BINGO - my clients had massive transformation. 
Mastering Mindfulness continues to train people how to take back control over their mind and body at live workshops and virtual online coaching. 
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Mastering Mindfulness has helped thousands of people reconnect to their body and take back control of their life. What are you waiting for?
Apply here to see if the program is right for you.