The Mastering Mindfulness Institute

Create trust with your food and body without a diet or more willpower
I know the frustration of dieting.
You get motivated and vow to stick to your meal plan this time and never looking back, just to find yourself a few days or even just hours later bingeing on all those foods you swore you wouldn't eat again. You go through these cycles that just feel like one step forward, two steps back. You're officially trapped in the self sabotaging cycle. 

The problem with traditional dieting is that restriction triggers a stress response in the brain that actually shifts your body into a "fight or flight" state. When that happens, your brain takes control and creates uncontrollable sugar cravings for survival! 

This is why dieting sets you up to fail and keeps you addicted to the cycle. 

The good news? You CAN break free from this cycle. You just were never taught how. 

With the right method, you can learn how to train your body to lower cravings and tap into your power from the inside-out. 

The Mastering Mindfulness Institute is a self discovery experience to learn why you do what you do and how to feel in control over your food and body - without a diet or more willpower. 

This is For You If...
  • You keep "starting over on Monday"
  • You find yourself saying, "I just need more willpower"
  • You've been dieting for years but for some reason can't seem to "get it right"
  • You're constantly thinking and stressing about food
  • Portion control is your biggest challenge
  • You're ready to make peace with food and discover your inner power 
This is NOT For You If...
  • You're looking for another quick-fix diet just hoping that one more will work this time
  • You're not willing to be open to self discovery
  • You don't need community or support and would rather do it on your own

"In 6 weeks of the program I've already lost 15 pounds without restricting what I'm eating."
- Kara

A Sneak Peek of What's Inside: 
Preparing for the Journey
  • Creating Life Long Motivation
  • ​Self Love: how to love yourself when you don't feel it
Module I: Freeing Yourself From the Past
  • Identifying Your Food Beliefs to Create a New Relationship to Food
  • Aligning Your Identity To Easily Make New Habits
  • Breaking Through Resistance That Keeps Most People Stuck
Module II: Becoming Your Own Research Project
  • The Power In Knowing Yourself 
  • Navigating Trigger Foods
  • Getting Connected to Your Body
Module III: Preventing + Preparing for Food Cravings  
  • Why Most Dieters Self Sabotage
  • Training Your Brain 
Module IV: Creating Trust With Your Food
  • The Conquering Cravings Method
  • Fork University 
  • Mastering Mindful Eating
Module V: Self Expansion
  • Embodying Your Vision 
  • Self Expansion 
When can I join?
The Mastering Mindfulness Institute only has up to 10 students at a time so each person can have the best experience. Currently we are accepting applications for the next start date of June 19th, 2022. 

If you miss this current start date, the next opening will become available in Fall of 2022. 

Here is the process: 
1. Submit an application. 
2. You will be contacted within two days to set up a discovery call. 
The intention of a discovery call is to connect and see if the program is the right fit for you.  We work closely together in the program so it is of utmost importance to first make sure you're exactly in the right place. If not, I promise to point you in the right direct to what you really need most. 

You have all the power inside you, you just need the right guidance to help you bring it out. If you're hearing a little whisper inside that things can be different, take the first step below to learn about what could be possible. 

Meet a Few of the Mastering Mindfulness Students
They are full of wisdom and proof that you can do it too.






"Mastering Mindfulness is the game changer I’ve been searching for. 

I’ve shed 39 pounds, developed coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety and stress that reduced reliance on medication, and realized there are basic things I can implement that have a huge positive impact."





"We all know food isn’t always about being hungry and now I notice my triggers and am able to cope with stress eating before bingeing. Chocolate is just an occasional treat and not the daily focus."


"But I don't trust my body!"

Of course you don't! Diet culture has taught us how to eat with your mind by counting calories and using rules, which creates a disconnection from your body. Our students come into the program feeling disconnected from and not trusting their body and food. Just like any relationship with poor communication, we slowly and gently work on rebuilding the relationship. Finding trust within themselves is one of the most empowering aspects that our students love to discover. 

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up my overeating and comfort foods."

No need to worry, the beautiful part about this program is that you get to be in control. The purpose is not to restrict what you eat but teach you how to connect to your body so you are always in choice instead of being controlled by food. Our students find that once they learn the techniques to calm their nervous system and tune into their body, the need to overeat naturally disappates on its own. 

Program Recognition

Mastering Mindfulness has been featured at national conferences, international societies, academic institutions, and world renowned health centers.

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