Tips for Meal Prepping

Preparing a batch of food ahead of time can save you a lot of time, money, and excuses for not eating healthy! Here are some tips to make your meal prep as easy as possible. 

Easy: start by getting your basic fruits and veggies ready for the week. Have them washed, chopped, and in a container to easily grab and cook up. 

Intermediate: start prepping 1 easy meal for the week, such as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Advanced: prep multiple meals and snacks for variety

Easy Batch Meal Prep Ideas: breakfast burritos, cold salads, wraps, soups and stews, casseroles

This grocery list can help you do an inventory check at home and build your grocery list. This is a useful tool but not a complete list of the only things you can eat! Click above to download!

This is a useful tool to help see what a healthy balanced diet could look like. By no means does it need to be exactly followed. Serving sizes are not given because everyone is unique and has different needs. If you're not sure, work one on one with me for customized advice or use your hunger signals to guide how much you should eat! The Mindful Eating sections in the Members Page is very useful to practice this.  Click above to download!

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