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I'm Gina, a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition.

I believe that lasting health doesn’t come from diet rules and restrictions, but instead from empowering yourself to be in control of the choices you make. 

About a decade ago, I was entering my career as a dietitian with the spark and enthusiasm to be the best dietitian I could be and really change lives. I thought if I gave people a well crafted meal plan, calorie limits, and tangible goals they would see meaningful positive change. Unfortunately, they didn’t.  They kept falling into cycles of on starting my program then self sabotaging a few days later. I could feel their frustration and disappointment.

As I struggled to create meaningful change for my clients, my health started to take a turn in the wrong direction. I noticed my metabolism was slowing down and my energy was flat lining. Using my years of education and training, I created the perfect diet plan for myself that I swore I would stick to. But the more rules I created, the more it seemed like my body was waging a war against me. I would build up willpower and motivation but cravings kept sabotaging every attempt at sticking to my plan. My inability to stay committed to my own program left me feeling overloaded with shame. I was trying my best to pretend like I was keeping it together, but truthfully I wasn’t in control over my body or my health.

While trying to convince myself that I had it all together, I came across an interesting lab panel. I decided to open an account with the lab and sign myself up as my first client. When the results came back I was completely in shock. The results revealed that my body was under significant stress and missing key nutrients for a healthy metabolism. It’s no wonder I didn’t feel like my body was working at its best. While the results felt terrifying to initially see, I felt a sense of calm and peace that I knew what steps I needed to take to turn things around. It also brought an awareness around the big elephant that was in the room…. I wasn’t addressing my emotional health that was driving my cravings and lack of control over my food. I began digging through research on how the brain, hormones, and body’s chemistry changes when a craving strikes. I dedicated hours of practicing the skills to get my body out of a craving state learn how to connect with and honor my body’s needs. The desire to heal my deep pain led to the development of my signature program Mastering Mindfulness that has since been presented nation-wide at conferences, international societies, universities, and world-renowned health centers and continues to reach new people daily.

Today, I am proud to say that the connection with my body is a deep and beautiful unfolding journey and I adore working with clients who are enthusiastic about being coached down the same path.  I have helped hundreds of people recover from on and off dieting, food addiction, slow metabolisms, and a variety of health challenges and support them in taking back control over their body and health.

I’m so passionate about these methods because it’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and my clients. If your path to taking control over your body has been an exhausting war, I know. I understand. I’ve been there. I know it seems scary but knowing your body gives you the opportunity to create confidence and trust with your body again.

And when you’re ready, I am too.

To learn more about my book smarts and street creds, see them below.


Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Eastern Michigan University   

Master of Science in Human Nutrition at Eastern Michigan University

Continuing Education Conferences

American College of Nutrition Conference

Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry. Apex

Renewing the Aging Brain, Apex

Peak Brain Performance, Apex

Food Sensitivity: The Hormone Connection, Apex

The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Natural Supplements, Scripps Annual Conference

Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Annual Conference

Probiotics, Food, & the Immune System, INR Seminars

Binge and Emotional Eating Conference, INR Seminars

Nutrition for Sports, Exercise, and Weight Loss Workshop

Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Conference

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo

Key Speaking Sessions

Keynote: NYNY Featuring the Best of San Diego, CA

Utah Worksite Wellness Conference, UT

Michigan Lupus Symposium, MI 

American Junior League, MN

Eastern Michigan University, MI

San Diego State University, CA

Morgan Stanley Corporation, MI

Stardock Corporation, MI


ESPN 1700 AM Real Talk San Diego

993 MIA Make It Better - Miami Radio

Success / Vi Life Magazine

NutriFit News Magazine

Healthy Habits Podcast

The Hearing Professional Magazine

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