Hi there,

I'm Gina, a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition.

I believe that lasting health doesn’t come from diet rules and restrictions, but instead from empowering yourself to be in control of the choices you make. 

Just like you, I was overwhelmed with all the nutrition information out there… should I count calories, commit to keto, dabble in Whole30, attempt low carb, go all out vegan…..? Alongside the anxiety of choosing the right eating style, I was constantly on an emotional rollercoaster of motivation and excitement then disappointment when I couldn’t stick to it.

Food became a daily battle that I was losing.  I wanted to know the truth, “What is the best diet to follow… and how do I stick to it?”


So, I went to school at Eastern Michigan University that is recognized for having one of the top dietetics programs in the country. After five years of education and passing the exam to become a registered dietitian, I still wasn’t satisfied. I needed more answers. So, I continued on and received my master's degree in human nutrition. I was armed with the nutrition knowledge I needed and ready to share it with the world. 


As I dove into private practice, I was so excited to create top notch nutrition plans for my clients.  Every plan was strategically designed for each person. When they left my office full of motivation and a pep in their step, I was sure they would come back thanking me for their life changing transformation. 

But when they came back, they confessed how many times they gave into their ‘bad’ foods list.  This motivation - confession cycle continued with nearly every single client. 


Solving this problem became a deep passion and eventually led me to publish the book, Mastering Mindfulness. This book was so well received and transformative, it became the cornerstone of my work that has been presented for notable organizations and conferences nationwide, such as the American Junior League, Utah Worksite Wellness Conference, and the world renowned Cal-a-Vie Spa Havens. 


I currently practice functional nutrition at Cal-a-Vie Spa Havens and serve as nutrition director for the non-profit organization Urban Street Angels. Mastering Mindfulness continues to spread its message in inspiring and empowering those to take back control over their food, cravings, and their health.

To learn more about my credentials, please see them listed below.


Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Eastern Michigan University   

Master of Science in Human Nutrition at Eastern Michigan University

Professional Associations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetics Practice Group

Continuing Education Conferences

American College of Nutrition Conference

Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry. Apex

Renewing the Aging Brain, Apex

Food Sensitivity: The Hormone Connection, Apex

The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Natural Supplements, Scripps Annual Conference

Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Annual Conference

Probiotics, Food, & the Immune System, INR Seminars

Binge and Emotional Eating Conference, INR Seminars

Nutrition for Sports, Exercise, and Weight Loss Workshop

Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Conference

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo

Key Speaking Sessions

Keynote: NYNY Featuring the Best of San Diego, CA

Utah Worksite Wellness Conference, UT

Michigan Lupus Symposium, MI 

American Junior League, MN

Eastern Michigan University, MI

San Diego State University, CA

Morgan Stanley Corporation, MI

Stardock Corporation, MI


ESPN 1700 AM Real Talk San Diego

993 MIA Make It Better - Miami Radio

Success / Vi Life Magazine

NutriFit News Magazine

Healthy Habits Podcast

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