Chili Dog

Did you know you CAN actually have a delicious chili dog that can keep your heart healthy, fight cancer, and watch your waistline?! Check out these healthified chili dogs that are super healthy, super delicious, and easy to make!

1. Pick a whole grain bun. Whole grains are full of fiber that keep you fuller longer

and keep your digestive tract healthy.Here's the kind I used. It doesn't matter what brand you pick, just look for whole grain or whole wheat in the ingredients!

2. Pick your dog. I decided to do a little test. I tried a turkey hot dog, beef hot dog, and a carrot hot dog! These hot dogs were grilled for a whole lot of flavor. It doesn't matter what you pick, just look for one without nitrites/nitrates and fillers added. Here are the one's I chose...

3. Now it's time for the chili. This chili was DELICIOUS! I used diced mushrooms and walnuts to give a meaty texture cooked with 1/2 jar tomato sauce, 1 can kidney beans, fresh garlic, and cholula hot sauce, cumin, salt, and pepper to taste. I also added a few dashed of liquid smoke. If you can't find it you can use worcestershire sauce. I just cooked everything in a pot on medium heat until the mushrooms, walnuts, and kidney beans were all soft (about 30-45 minutes) and added water as needed.

4. Build your dog and add your toppings. I added on diced onion, banana peppers, and a little cheese.

5. The consensus? The beef dog was perfect, the turkey dog was just as delicious but a little small for the bun, and the carrot dog was a fantastic hot dog substitute! The carrot dog was perfectly grilled for a very similar hot dog texture. I also grilled up some carrot fries as a french fry substitute. MmMmmmmMmMm!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!