A Technique That's Stronger Than Willpower

For years I have heard people say, "If I just had more willpower, I would stick to any diet!" It seems like more willpower is the ONE thing everyone wishes they had more of.

I remember the days when I would build up motivation and swear I would stick to my healthy eating plan. Then out of no where, a craving would hit and BAM. Just like that I was sabotaging the goals I swore I would stick to. I felt so stuck in frustration.

Until I discovered that using willpower was the way wrong strategy.

The truth is, you don't actually need more willpower.

Yes, it's absolutely true and I'm going to break down why.

Willpower is like an emotion. Sometimes it's there. And sometimes it's not. Do you notice you have great willpower when the sun is out, you have great energy, or a good song is on? How is your willpower when you're tired and having a bad day? Probably not at its highest.

If you're relying on willpower to stop yo