A Technique That's Stronger Than Willpower

For years I have heard people say, "If I just had more willpower, I would stick to any diet!" It seems like more willpower is the ONE thing everyone wishes they had more of.

I remember the days when I would build up motivation and swear I would stick to my healthy eating plan. Then out of no where, a craving would hit and BAM. Just like that I was sabotaging the goals I swore I would stick to. I felt so stuck in frustration.

Until I discovered that using willpower was the way wrong strategy.

The truth is, you don't actually need more willpower.

Yes, it's absolutely true and I'm going to break down why.

Willpower is like an emotion. Sometimes it's there. And sometimes it's not. Do you notice you have great willpower when the sun is out, you have great energy, or a good song is on? How is your willpower when you're tired and having a bad day? Probably not at its highest.

If you're relying on willpower to stop your cravings in its tracks... it will be a constant on and off struggle.

There's actually a much better approach...

Instead of willpowering your way through a craving, it's much easier to get your body out of the craving state.

Let's back up and talk about why we get cravings and what is happening when cravings are high and willpower is low...

Whenever your brain senses a stress, maybe you've had a hard day, you're feeling tired, you feel bored, you're getting hangry, or any type of stress... your brain triggers its stress response. When the brain sends the signal to your body that there is a stress, the body's entire physiology shifts into a very primal, animalistic like state.

Breathing gets shallow, heart starts to race, and hormones shift to trigger intense cravings.

If you were a caveman, this survival mechanism would be to your advantage. It would make sure you were fed when there was a stress to your survival.

Unfortunately, this mechanism makes it really difficult to have willpower. But when you understand what is happening to your body, YOU can take back control WITHOUT needing willpower.

So, when a craving hits it's actually more about getting your body out of the craving state, not willpowering your way through it.

I know you're saying.... "Ok, that sounds great in theory... but how?"

Glad you asked. It's one of the most effective tools I train my clients to use and I'll give you a brief overview here.

The most important step is to get your body out of the craving state by lowering your stress hormones. I have my clients take 3 deep breaths. Research shows it takes 3 deep breaths to bring down your stress hormones that activate the craving state. There are many ways to get the body out of the stressed craving state but 3 deep breaths is one that you can do at any time, in any place. It may be very challenging at first but it requires plenty of practice.

While this is only the start of one technique, it alone can make a huge


Whenever I told my clients they needed to have more willpower, it rarely worked. But getting out the craving state is incredibly effective to put them back in control over what they choose to eat and how much.

If you want more training on this process, check out the upcoming workshop on Conquering Cravings where I walk you through the step-by-step process I use to get my clients out of the craving state and back into control.

If you're still using willpower start working smarter, not harder. Wouldn't it be nice to stop the fight and finally get your groove back?

Join us! It's an opportunity you won't want to miss.