Anti-Inflammatory Bacon & Avocado Breakfast Tacos

This burrito was sooo good!!! While I love a little bacon from time to time, it does raise inflammation levels.

The good news? There's an abundance of research that shows when you pair avocado with meat, it blunts the inflammatory response so you can bet I added a bunch of avocado.

Instead of using white flour or corn tortillas (that also increase inflammation) I used a grain free alternative. There are a ton out there now! I love coconut flour tortillas by Sana, chickpea or almond flour tortillas by Siete, or these cactus tortillas by Tia Lupita.

I also added microgreens, which are a concentrated source of sulforaphane that also blunts inflammation and supports detoxification.

So, here's how I built this grain free breakfast burrito to make is SO tasty, SO healthy, and SO easy!!


Tortilla (I used Tia Lupita Foods - Cactus grain free tortillas they were so good!)

2 eggs

1 piece bacon



Chipotle mayo (mayo mixed with lemon juice, salt, garlic powder, and chipotle seasoning)

Just cook up them eggs and bacon, build your taco, and enjoy!!