Cravings: What You Resist Will Persist

What you resist, will persist.

I learned this one the hard way. For years I couldn't figure out why the one thing I was trying to avoid (craving certain foods), continued to pop back up and win. If you notice that you get food cravings and you're trying to willpower them away and they keep coming back up.... it's this: What you resist will persist.

It's like trying to force a balloon under water but it keeps popping right back up. And I get it.. it's incredibly frustrating and disheartening.

I remember the years of fighting off food cravings wondering... will every day feel like I'm putting on war paint? Is this how it will be... forever? Nothing ever changed until one day that quote hit me like a train. Let me explain...

Everything is here and present for a reason. Cravings are your body's way of communicating to you. They are your teacher. When I resisted them and tried to willpower them away, I failed miserably. But when I got brave and leaned in and learned how to listen to what my body was communicating to me, I was blown away by all the messages my body was sending to me. The more I ignored them, the louder they got and the cravings intensified. The more I leaned in and listened to what the cravings had to teach me, I discovered how to honor what my body was needing and the cravings naturally subsided. I no longer had the willpower fights.

My biggest struggles with cravings were that 3pm mid-work day time. I felt snacky and didn't feel like I could control it. I set goals, tried to motivate myself, got accountability... but it felt like an ongoing fight. When I finally realized, what you resist will persist... I stopped judging myself and hating my habit and started to listen. I learned that around that time was when I started to get anxious with my work. I didn't have clarity on the next steps to take, which triggered my stress response and cravings. Knowing that, I now prepare for moments when I don't have clarity and use that time to take a break, meditate, and use techniques to calm my nervous system before the fight or flight response takes over. It has been LIFE CHANGING.

When cravings come up, instead of going to war with them... get curious. What is it trying to teach me? What can I learn about my body? Then, your body becomes your partner, your ally, and your greatest teacher.