How to Stop Late Night Snacking

Night time snacking can be the toughest one to overcome and unfortunately one of the biggest sabotagers for weight loss.

This was one of the most common goals people set but fail the worst at. Years ago my clients would keep setting the same goal of not eating at night but it just didn't ever stick. Every week or so they would come back full of shame and regret or even worse they would cancel their appointment so they didn't have to sit through confession.

I knew there had to be a deeper reason why this one was so tough. I started to wonder, "What is happening in our bodies that makes snacking more powerful than what we really want?"

I spent years digging through the science of how our body changes its physiology in different situations. I started to create techniques based on that science and finally tested it out on myself and the people I was coaching.

I was blown away at the results. Once I taught people how to calm their nervous system first thing in the morning so their body's natural instincts for food later in the day wouldn't be set off, their desire to snack at night almost entirely subsided.

Instead of needed willpower to fight the snack cravings, the cravings just didn't show up. The need for willpower becomes irrelevant.

Here's a deeper dive into what I discovered and how it works...

Once you know how your body's natural instincts work, you can calm your nervous system earlier in the day to keep control over your food and your body's response.

The goal here isn't to be perfect all the time but for you to always be in choice.

If you want the snack, have the snack. If you don't, then don't.

Remember, it's not about being perfect but you always tapping into your power and being in choice.