Protein Pasta with Roasted Veg

Have you tried chickpea pasta? It's one of my favorite healthy swaps coming in with a whopping 23g of protein per serving! This was an easy meal prep that fed me for 4 meals or could feed a family.


Chickpea pasta - I used Banza but there are tons of brands out there that work

Veggies - I used mushrooms and asparagus

Fresh basil

Olive oil

Sea salt

Optional add ins: I added spicy italian red pepper flakes and nutritional yeast

Directions: cook pasta according to directions. It gets weird if you undercook or overcook it so make sure you do it right!

Lightly toss veggies in oil and roast in oven until done.

Combine pasta and veggies and toss with fresh basil, olive oil, and sea salt to taste.