Why you want to snack at work

Do you ever wondering why you crave snacks while working or when you get home after a long day?

There's a scientific reason why and it's not resolved using willpower!

When you're cool, calm, and relaxed, the area of the brain that is in charge is called the prefrontal cortex. When it's active, you have good executive decision making and willpower.

But as the day naturally brings a gradual build up of stress from emails, messages, to-dos, meetings, and racing thoughts the stress hormone cortisol also begins to rise.

This rise in cortisol activates a different area of the brain known as the amygdala. The amygdala's job is to keep you alive during times of stress. It was originally designed for our survival but these days, all stress activates this system.

So, the body will shift toward anything that is good for survival including:

- seeking food for calories (especially carbohydrates and sugar) as a quick source of energy in case the human needs to run

- shutting off fat burning because weight loss is not good for survival

Using willpower to stop that afternoon snacking is going head to head with your body's own instincts. This is EXTREMELY hard, which is why willpower has a pretty low success rate....

The key here is not to fight your body's survival instincts... but instead to teach the body that it is safe during a busy or stressful day.

The easiest way to tame food cravings during a busy or stressful day is to...

1. take a slow breath in through the nose. This brings down the stress hormone cortisol.

2. bring your attention from your busy mind and back down into your body.

3. retrain your body to feel calm, safe, and in control ... even when there's chaos all around. This will activate the prefrontal cortex in the brain to naturally subside cravings and the need for food during stress.

Tapping into your deepest power is not willpowering your way through sugar cravings and going to war with your body.. but instead trusting in your body's innate signals and taming the beast within!

You got this!