Self Mastery Retreat


Haramara Resort & Retreat, Sayulita, Mexico


It is our mission to empower you with the skills and experience for sustainable health and well-being— leaving you inspired, energized, clear-minded, focused, and with a renewed spirit. Our program uses proven techniques that emphasize self-awareness and personalized solutions, to ensure our clients will know how to take action to fulfill their professional and personal goals.


Let go of all your worries and become immersed in our relaxing atmosphere. 




Engage in our life changing workshops and experiences.




Leave renewed, transformed, and ready to thrive.





By taking our programs, you can expect to experience personal growth, reduced stress, better health, a positive shift in attitude, prevention of professional "burn out", improvement in relationships & communication, heightened self awareness, energy renewal, and create long lasting habits

Our retreats can be fully customized to the needs of your group. 

Please contact us for scheduling, accomodation, activity, workshop, and dining requests. 





Our 6 day Self Mastery Program is led by nutrition expert, Gina B, at Haramara Resort & Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico. This self-discovery program uncovers the deepest struggles of human behavior that blocks personal progress and health achievement. 


This retreat offers a series of workshops to develop skills for intuitive eating, stress reduction, clean eating, culinary skills, communication and relationship building, energy renewal, and improving focus and clarity.